What NOT to Include in Your Resume

Hello job seekers! We know that trying to find your dream job while still managing your day to day routine and working at your current place of employment can feel overwhelming at times. That is why our HR consulting firm provides job seeking assistance. In order to get a potential employer's attention, you should have an attractive resume. Kmet Consulting is here to give you some tips on what not to include in your resume. For resume writing help, give us a call today at 877-783-5638.

What NOT To Include in Your Resume

Work experience that doesn't pertain to the job you are applying for
Typically, you will only want to list jobs from the past 15 years. However, if you have limited work experience you may choose to list every job you have had. Listing related job experience only, allows the potential employer to determine if you are qualified for the job quicker, rather than having to sort through all of your unrelated jobs.

Your age
Leave your age off your resume, doing so can help prevent you getting discriminated against due to how old you are. This means you should remove your graduation dates.

A photograph of yourself
Some people make the mistake of including a professional headshot on their resumes. While it may seem like a good idea, companies may wish that you don't include a photo so they can more safely abide by the Equal Opportunity Act.

A personal email that doesn't sound professional
This is your dream job and the possible first impression your potential new employer will have of you. Don't tarnish that by including a silly looking email or inappropriate email. For example, don't include an email that had curse words in it or something that sounds juvenile.

Your objective
Your goals or objectives are good for your employer to know, but you should list these in your cover letter, not at the top of your resume. This trend has become outdated and somewhat boring. Personalize your objective and make it stand out in your cover letter.

Get Resume Writing Help from Kmet Consulting

How do you get past the resume screening process and land that interview? Kmet Consulting showcases your value to a company by crafting a resume that highlights your differences – such as listing industry-specific awards, certifications and advanced degrees – that differentiate you from the crowd. Let us create your masterpiece, one that generates results. Finding the time do this on your own can be really difficult. You most likely already have a full-time job and job hunting can feel like a job all in itself. Take some of that stress off of yourself by getting the HR help you deserve. Kmet Consulting specializes in helping job seekers find and get their dream jobs. In addition, to resume writing services, we also provide help with preparing for the interview, will give you interview tips and assist you with your interview etiquette. Call Kmet Consulting today at 877-783-5638 for help from your One Stop HR Shop or visit our website at www.KmetConsulting.com today.



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