How to Bring Your Team Together This Summer!

Summer 2019 is approaching quickly and it can be very easy for employees to feel less motivated in the summer. Whether your employees have summer vacations they are coming back from and are having a hard time returning to work after or their children are now out of school for the summer and they are experiencing difficulties finding affordable childcare and the stress of that could be making them feel less motivated at work - either way, Your One Stop HR Shop is here to help you bring your team together this summer. Co-workers should be able to rely on one another to get things done and to work toward accomplishing the same shared goal together. Your HR consulting firm knows how important team building activities can be when trying to promote employee bonding. Keep reading for a few ideas from our HR consulting company on how to bring your team together this summer.

Make time to work out as a team this summer.
Work can be stressful and adding fitness sessions for your employees to participate in at the workplace can help relieve some of that stress. Try adding a yoga or aerobics class. This is another way your employees can learn to bond with one another while relieving stress and staying healthy.

Be healthy as a team together this summer and start an employee sports team.
How fun would that be to be on a company baseball team? Whether it be baseball, volleyball, softball, etc., company sports teams can be a great tool for teaching teams how to work together to accomplish the same goal. You could even have them train together for a 5k or marathon. Many charities host runs such as these and this can give your employees something fun to do together outside of work.

Buy lunch for the team every once in a while this summer.
Provide lunch for the whole team every once in a while. Break everyone up into groups and have them sit with people they don't normally work with. Then, allow each group to work together to respond to work-related questions. When dividing people up into groups, you can make it fun and write numbers on the backs of their plates randomly.

Make each and every employee feel comfortable in your summer meetings.
When you are forming a new team, use an icebreaker in your meetings. This can help your new employees feel more welcome in the group and may even "take the edge off" and allow them to feel less intimidated by a new group.

Keep Your Good Employees!

Keeping your employees happy can be essential for employee retainment. Typically, if your employees feel close with one another and they truly enjoy working with each other, then the odds are your employees will want to stay with your company longer. Kmet Consulting specializes in offering HR solutions that are both customized and comfortable to meet your specific needs. If employee retainment is something you are struggling with, please give us a call today at  877-783-5638 with your HR questions.



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