Tips for Promoting Employee Wellness

Healthy employees could mean happy employees, which can be good for overall workplace morale. At times, the task of improving the overall workplace morale and company culture can fall to the HR department. If you need assistance with this vital task, call our experienced HR consulting company today at 877-783-5638. Whatever your workplace issue may be, our HR consulting firm can come up with solutions that support and optimize the operating principles of your organization. Kmet Consulting is here for you and we are serving clients nationwide. In the meantime, keep reading for a few tips for promoting employee wellness in the workplace.

Tips for Promoting Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Encourage your employees to use their vacation time.
It is possible that many of your employees are accruing vacation time but don't actually feel encouraged to take it. They may feel:
  • The pressure that their work won't get completed if they take the time off.
  • Like you, their manager will reject the request if they ask to take the time off.
  • Like their fellow co-workers will feel the strain if they take off because their work could just be transferred to them.
The reality is if your employee has been with your company long enough to earn that vacation time, then they could probably use the break and if they feel so much pressure at work that they don't feel right about taking the vacation time, then they are likely stressed and feeling it physically and emotionally, which can be bad for morale and the employee's health.

Start healthy employee group activities.
Encourage wellness in the workplace by doing things like:
  • Starting a company group gym membership, where employees can get discounts at a local gym.
  • Buying a healthy lunch for your staff every once in a while to enjoy.
  • Starting an employee sports team.
  • Starting an employee wellness program.
  • Allowing your employees to meet with you on a consistent basis to discuss what work-related stresses they have and to come up with solutions together.
Give prizes to those who meet health goals.
If your company starts an employee wellness program, reward them for meeting their health goals.

If an employee is sick, make them stay at home.
Some employees feel the pressure to come into the office and get their work done, even when they're sick, but they could actually be hurting the whole team by doing so. Assure all of your staff members that they should not come into the office if there is a chance that they could get others sick. You could possibly offer the option of working from home for that day.

What HR Issues Are You Having at Your Office?

We understand that no two companies are the same and everyone can have their own unique HR issues. This is why Kmet Consulting offers personalized HR solutions that are specific to our clients – not a one size fits all formula. As a boutique HR consulting firm, we have the ability to spend time developing relationships with both management and employees. We then can work closely to determine the needs of our clients, whether it be project-based or on-going consulting services. Give us a call today to learn more at 877-783-5638.



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