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Job Seekers: KEY Resume Writing Tips

In today's BUSY job market, QUALIFIED applicants can be easily overlooked simply by not having the RIGHT resume. You really need to make yourself stand out from the other potential employees and have a glowing resume! Our HR consulting firm at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you identify possible careers that relate to YOUR passions, string together your skills and past experience to show you are GREAT for the position, and then help you reach out to your connections and network. Part of this process is getting your resume and up to date and making it shine like a new penny. In this blog, we are going to give you some KEY TIPS to creating an effective resume. KEY Resume Writing Tips Format Your Resume in an EYE CATCHING Way Generally, job interviewers are only scanning the resume the first time. Scanning a resume is hard if your resume is already difficult to read. It can also be difficult if it's poorly organized and exceeds 2 pages. Try the following to better or

5 Tips on What to Look for in the RIGHT Job Candidate

Finding the RIGHT job candidate is very important. Find people who will share in your vision and be loyal and passionate when working toward the same shared goals as you are. This task can be easier said than done. How do you know someone is going to have the right attributes and qualifications you are going to need 6 months or even a year later. There are certain questions you can ask yourself and the job candidate to help you determine if they are the RIGHT candidate for your company. The best HR consulting firm at the Lake of the Ozarks , Kmet Consulting is happy to give you 5 questions you can ask yourself or the candidate when interviewing. Questions To Ask 1. Did the job candidate ask GREAT questions? The questions the job candidate will ask in a job interview can tell you a lot about the type of person they are. For example, potential candidates are expected to research the company before interviewing. The questions they ask can tell you whether or not they di

Get to Know Sue Kmet

Kmet Consulting was founded on the foundation of having a passion for human resources and helping people. Our job is to understand your business. We believe there is no better way of understanding your business than by learning about your business. The goal of providing HR help at the Lake of the Ozarks is to work together, as a team, with the business we are helping to reach the shared goal. In this blog, we are happy to introduce you to Sue Kmet, owner, and founder of Kmet Consulting. Meet Sue Kmet As a professional with over 20 years of leadership in all aspects of Human Resource administration and management, Sue Kmet set up shop as a consultant in order to offer her knowledge base to organizations that share her love of people – a company’s greatest asset. Having been exposed to multiple industries throughout her career including legal services, airlines, broadcasting, genetics, poultry and agriculture, Sue enjoys developing targeted solutions to human capital issues.

Why Our Clients Love Us!

Kmet Consulting has had the pleasure of providing HR help to many companies in the past. We have met so many wonderful people and have had the opportunities to get to know about different aspects of a variety of businesses. Throughout our HR consulting in Missouri and Iowa, we have received very kind words from some of our loyal clients. Who better to tell you why our clients love us, than the clients themselves? In this blog, we are happy to share some great client testimonials with you. Kmet Consulting Client Testimonials Sue is the most knowledgeable and customer focused Human Resources professional that I have ever worked with! Her determination to find win-win scenarios for all parties: employees, corporate, and external customers, sets her apart. I highly recommend Sue! If your company needs and HR Administrator, you may want to consider Sue. However, if your company needs EXCELLENCE in HR - you would be well served by Sue Kmet! Jeanna Repass NRG Media Her work pro