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Our Human Resources Services: Part 2

Last week, we introduced you to the services Kmet Consulting provides, in our blog titles, Our Human Resources Services: Part 1 . In this week's blog, we are continuing our blog series and will be discussing the rest of the services we provide to companies that need HR help in Missouri and Iowa.  Outsourcing Our outsourcing services include developing: Employee Handbooks An employees handbook is one of the most important communication tools between a company and its employees. It makes employee and employer expectations known, by delivering information on company policies, procedures, benefits and compensation programs. Development of Policies/Procedures Having current and strategic policies and procedures in place is a MUST. Developing human resource policies and procedures eliminates uncertainty for employees because it provides them with well-defined guidelines. Performance Management Systems Many companies may think that an annual review will suffice

Our Human Resources Services: Part 1

At Kmet Consulting , your business is our passion. We offer human resources, HR help to companies in Missouri and Iowa. We offer many services and we are going to unveil them to you in this 2 part blog series. In today's blog, part 1, we will discuss our HR audits, consulting, and services we provide job seekers. HR Audits With Kmet Consulting 's help, we can find employment issues and help you resolve them to avoid costly issues and mistakes. Areas that should be audited include: Legal Compliance (EEO, AA, FMLA, IRCA, etc.) Record Keepring (Personnel Files, I-9s, Applications, etc.) Compensation/Pay Equity Employee Relations Performance Appraisal Systems Policies and Procedures Terminations Health, Safety, and Security (OSHA compliance, Drug-Free Workplace, AIDS in the workplace, etc.) Our goal is to work together to identify employment issues, make recommendations for improvement, and offer a plan of solutions the meet your business needs.  HR Con

Welcome to the Kmet Consulting Blog!

Kmet Consulting is a human resources company dedicated to provide quality HR consulting to our clients.  People are our passion, and each client is unique.  We are now on several social media channels including blogging!  Each week we will feature a new blog that will give rich, instructional information about outsourcing, training, recruiting, job seeker support, and so much more.  Subscribe to our blog to stay on top of what is happening in human resources, and make sure to follow all of our social media channels. About Kmet Consulting Our job is to understand your business and listen to you. Cookie cutters are for cookies. We believe every company is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions for your human resources (HR) needs. Maybe you are a smaller company in needs of ongoing HR help at the Lake of the Ozarks or a medium sized company that needs help with a specific project; we fit our packages around you and your needs. Our Mission To support the