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5 Interview Tips for the Interviewer

Hiring the RIGHT people can be crucial to the success of your company and determining if they are right can all come down to the interview. As the interviewer, you should present the best setting for the interview, demeanor, and image for your company in order to get to know this potential hire the best. If you need assistance preparing for an interview, call Kmet Consulting for some HR help. Keep reading for a few interview tips for the interviewer. 5 Interview Tips for the Interviewer Listen Listen not only with your ears but your eyes too. Check for nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions, hand gestures, eye contact, space between you and them they give. See how they conduct themselves in a professional setting. If they come off skittish or uncomfortable, then they may not be the right candidate you are looking for. Don’t feel pressured to fill silent moments with chatter Allow the person you are interviewing to respond fully and then clearly assess what they are sa

The Fundamentals of Hiring the Right Employees

Have you had trouble hiring the right kind of people to work at your company? Perhaps you have noticed a trend of new employees leaving within the first six months of working there? Maybe you’ve noticed a trend of negativity in the workplace? These could all be signs of not hiring the right people to work at your company. Have no fear though, Kmet Consulting is here to help. Our HR consulting company   specializes in training hiring managers and business owners on the fundamentals of hiring the right employees. If you are interested in that service for your company, call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638. Here are a few tips for hiring the right kind of employees. The Fundamentals of Hiring the Right Employees 1. Clearly define the job in the job description Many employees may leave a job within the first year because it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. If a job is not clearly described in the description or the interview, then how will an employee know what they

Tips for Scheduling Employees in the Summer

Scheduling employees in the summer can be challenging at times, due to your employees taking summer vacations and with school being out – your employees with children may have a daycare issue. Combat this challenge and check out the following scheduling tips from our experienced HR consulting company . If you are in need of some key HR advice or help, call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638 or visit our website at . Tips for Scheduling Employees in the Summer 1. Develop an efficient, effective vacation policy that works for your business. An effective vacation policy should state: • When an employee is eligible for vacation • How much vacation the employee gets • How much notice should be given by the employee when trying to schedule vacation • If the employee gets to keep their vacation time if they don’t use it within a year or another allotted amount of time of your choosing • If an employee doesn’t get to keep the vacation time, state if th

Stress Relieving Techniques for the Workplace

As we all know, work can be stressful sometimes. According to SNACKNATION , workplace stress accounts for up to $190 billion a year in U.S. healthcare costs. Whether you fear losing your job, are tolerating a micromanager, or haven’t had a raise in over a year, there are ways to manage how these things make you feel. Our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few stress relieving techniques to try in the workplace. Kmet Consulting is your One Stop HR Shop and we are here to help you with your HR needs . Call us at 877-783-5638 with any HR related questions you may have. Keep reading to learn how to ditch the stress and be happier in your work life. Stress Relieving Techniques for the Workplace 1. Reach out to your support system. Don’t let your feelings “bottle up” within you. Expressing them and venting occasionally is healthy, so reach out to your co-workers, friends, and family. Lean on those you care about in order to express your concerns. Just voicing your worries ca