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How To Stand Out in a Group Interview

You just applied for your dream job and got a callback, but you heard those dreaded words, "group interview." Group interviews can be intimidating, you are outnumbered and somewhere new that you may be unfamiliar with. Don't let this form of interviewing intimidate you. It can be very common to interview this way for particular positions. Kmet Consulting is here to give you a few tips on how to stand out from the other candidates in a group interview. If you need HR help preparing for your job interview, be sure to call our HR consulting firm today at 877-783-5638. How To Stand Out in a Group Interview Arrive early. Arrive at the company about a half hour before the interview starts. This can allow you to check the place out first and in doing so, calm your nerves. This is a new place for you, so allow yourself the time to adjust before getting interviewed for your dream job. Go into that interview, calm, cool, and collected. Be confident from the beginning

What NOT to Include in Your Resume

Hello job seekers! We know that trying to find your dream job while still managing your day to day routine and working at your current place of employment can feel overwhelming at times. That is why our HR consulting firm provides job seeking assistance . In order to get a potential employer's attention, you should have an attractive resume. Kmet Consulting is here to give you some tips on what not to include in your resume. For resume writing help , give us a call today at 877-783-5638. What NOT To Include in Your Resume Work experience that doesn't pertain to the job you are applying for Typically, you will only want to list jobs from the past 15 years. However, if you have limited work experience you may choose to list every job you have had. Listing related job experience only, allows the potential employer to determine if you are qualified for the job quicker, rather than having to sort through all of your unrelated jobs. Your age Leave your age off your resum

Calm Your Interview Nerves with Kmet Consulting

You have got that HUGE interview coming up soon. This is your dream job and if you could only do well in this interview, you will be set for life. You have been waiting for this moment for a long time, but what if you blow it? The nerves are starting to set it and you are worried that you may not do so well in the interview. Calm your nerves in a healthy way. Our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few pointers. For HR help preparing for your interview, call Kmet Consulting today at 877-783-5638. Pointers for Calming Your Interview Nerves in a Healthy Way Take a walk around the block. Calm your nerves in a healthy way by walking. Clear your mind and get some fresh air at the same time. This can help you feel less nervous by taking your mind off the interview for a little while. Come back to your preparation after your walk with a sense of relaxation. Come to the interview prepared. Do your research on this company you are applying for. Bring in a copy of the job des

Motivate Your Team Every Chance You Get

Motivation in the workplace can be KEY to being productive. Make your employees feel excited to come to work every day by creating a positive work environment. Motivate your employees every chance you get, Kmet Consulting is here to tell you how. For more HR help with coming up with ways to motivate your employees and to inspire productivity, call 877-783-5638. 5 Ways to Motivate Your Team! Be a strong role model. Nothing shows strength like a leader that knows how to react in tense situations. Show you know how to handle conflict resolution in the workplace and that you can go above and beyond in helping your customers. The positivity can only trickle down from there, from management to employees. Encourage networking activities. Allowing your employees to go out and represent your company to other companies through networking can motivate them because you are showing you trust them with such a vital task. This brings us to our next point. Trust in your employees. Don