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7 Human Resources Stats Your Business NEEDS to Know

Employees are the most VALUABLE asset in any organization. Business owners know that finding and keeping the right people is critical to the success of their company. Study trends and statistics within your industry to see reasons why employees leave and focus on strategies to improve your companies’ environment and culture. This can help you not only retain more employees but create a much more positive work environment for everyone. Kmet Consulting cares about helping you with your business, so here are 7 human resources statistics that we think your business needs to know. 7 Human Resources Stats Your Business NEEDS to Know (Src.: empxtrack ) 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. What does this tell you? Keeping good employees can be tough. Do you have a program set in place that allows for employees to regularly submit issues they are having within the company? Do you survey your employees regularly to see “hidden” issues that you don’t see?  Do

KEY Benefits of Employee Coaching

Coaching your employees can be a very powerful tool. If done correctly, it can bring out your employees true potential. No employee enjoys being micro-managed or neglected. Coaching focuses on helping your employees learn in a way that allows him or her to keep growing afterward. Employee coaching involves asking rather than telling, provoking thought rather than giving directions and holding a person accountable for his or her goals. In this blog, Kmet Consulting will give you a few KEY benefits to using employee coaching at your company. Key Benefits of Employee Coaching Focus your coaching on the positive aspects of your employee. When coaching your employee, try to focus on the value that can help them improve, instead of focusing only on what they are doing wrong. Doing this can help your employees feel more appreciated and valued. Only focusing on what they are doing wrong can possibly cause them to feel resentful toward the company. Focusing on the positive aspects

How To Prepare For Your Job Interview

You just scored an interview for your dream job! You are very excited but also very nervous. Don’t worry, our experienced HR consulting firm has you covered. Kmet Consulting understands how difficult interviewing for a new job can be. It can be scary and intimidating, but there are a few steps you can try that can help make this stressful process a bit easier for you. In this blog, we will give you 7 steps to take to better prepare for a job interview. 7 Steps to Take to Prepare for A Job Interview 1. Analyze the Job Description Read the job description carefully. Determine what the required skills are and make a list. Bring the job description to the interview! You may be asked about it. 2. Create a List of Your Assets Once you have created your list of required skills, create a list of your own assets and what you bring to the table. Match your assets to the required skills of the job. Bring this list to the interview and you can use the list to speak to the inte

5 Tips for Providing a Better New Employee Orientation

New employee orientation day can be such a frightening day to a new hire. All the new faces and information can be overwhelming. Many new hires decide within the first day if they should consider switching to a different company. An effective, yet welcoming new employee orientation can be huge when retaining new employees. Your local HR consulting firm would like to give you 5 tips on providing a better new employee orientation for employees. 5 Tips for Providing a Better New Employee Orientation 1. “Humanize” your new employee orientation. Remember, your new hires are human, which means they are prone to get bored and not pay attention if you don’t make the effort to KEEP their attention. Here are some common mistakes companies make when holding first-day new employee orientation.  • Don’t overwhelm the new hire with facts and figures. It’s their first day, so don’t load them up with a lot of material that they most likely won’t understand. Realize that their experie

3 Tips for Better Employee Scheduling Around Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks can be INCREDIBLE, the fireworks, food, events, and good times. All of these types of fun situations require employees to facilitate them and scheduling your employees around Labor Day weekend can be tough, which is why the best HR consulting firm at the Lake of the Ozarks would like to give you a few tips for better scheduling of your employees around Labor Day weekend. 3 Tips for Better Scheduling Your Employees Around Labor Day Weekend 1. Know Your Business Take a look at the past, how busy were you last Labor Day weekend. Spend some time determining what your peak hours are and what your best sellers were. Arm yourself with this knowledge, this can allow you to make better decisions when scheduling employees. This can help you decide whether or not you should schedule that extra person for Sunday night or not. You can also be sure to schedule your more experienced workers for those peak hours and less experienced workers du