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The Dos and Don'ts of Putting Together a Fall Employee Orientation

Fall is right around the corner and many companies may be looking to hire new employees around that time. Summer can be a busy time for companies and employees alike, with summer vacations, kids being out of school, etc. - so it's not always the best time for new employees to start, but come fall, things will likely have settled down a little more. With that in mind, our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few dos and don'ts for putting together a fall employee orientation. Just remember that while you are probably pretty comfortable in your work environment, your orientation attendees are experiencing all of this for the first time! First impressions matter. For HR help putting together a great fall employee orientation, call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638. The Dos of Putting Together a Fall Employee Orientation Do make the new employees feel very welcome. Do introduce the new employees to upper management. Do make an e-mail announcement that you have hired

Tips for Helping New Employees Face First Day Nervousness

Picture this scenario: It's your first day at this new job that you have been wanting for a long time! You are super excited about it! Then, you actually arrive at your new place of employment and the nerves start to kick in. Your hands start to get a little shaky and you start worrying about several things: What if I don't get along with my new co-workers? What if my boss ends up being a micromanager? What if I fail at this job? You may feel alone in these feelings, but you aren't. This is a very "human" reaction and you can get through it! Our HR consulting company is here to give you a few tips for helping your new employees face their first day nervousness. New employee onboarding is everything because when the faster a new employee feels welcome and comfortable in their workplace, the faster they can be more productive and really grow with the company. Kmet Consulting can help you with your new employee onboarding and setting up your orientation

5 Surprising Questions You May Get Asked in a Job Interview

As a job seeker, have you ever just finished the interview and thought to yourself, did they (they, meaning the hiring manager) really just ask that? Believe it or not, you are not alone. This probably happens more than you realize. You never know what a hiring manager may ask you in a job interview and at times that can be very scary when trying to prepare for an interview, but don't worry, we are here for you. Our HR consulting firm provides Job Seeking Help , including but not limited to Interview Preparation , Interview Tips , Interview Etiquette , and Resume Writing . If you are in need of our HR Help, please do not hesitate to call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638. In the meantime, keep reading for a few surprising questions you may get asked in a job interview. 5 Surprising Questions You May Get Asked in a Job Interview 1. What would be your TOP priorities if you were the CEO of this company? Think about why a company may want to ask this question. a.) They likely

Conflict Resolution Tips for Managers

Receiving the manager role for a company can be an exciting time! You've put out a large amount of time and effort to get there, so you may not initially think about the challenges that may arise with this new position. Read our blog from a couple weeks ago on How to Overcome the Obstacles of Becoming a New Manager for some tips on this new, exciting time. A large part of leading a team is being able to effectively communicate and being able to resolve conflicts with team members. Whether the conflicts arise between yourself and an employee or between multiple employees, it’s important to be able to talk through the conflict and find a resolution. This week, Kmet Consulting will be discussing some conflict resolution tips for managers that will help you run your team efficiently. Conflict Resolution Tips  Ask Yourself This: When a conflict arises in the office, you may be thinking, “What did this employee do this time?” or “That’s their problem, not mine.” Instead ask yo