Recruiting Techniques That Will Make Your Company Stand Out From the Rest

In order for your business to succeed, you must have employees that care about your company and put their best work into what they do. But you may be having a hard time finding new members for the team that are the best fit for you and your business. That’s where Kmet Consulting comes in! Our HR consulting firm can help you with your recruiting and interviewing process, so that you can find the best fit for your business. Here are a few tips on how to make your company stand out from competitors so you can wow your potential employees.  

1. Video Interviews- While this may seem like a simple tip, it’s an effective way to stand out. If a potential employee lives far away during the interviewing process, video interviews can cut travel costs and show them that your company is flexible. By offering the option of video interviews, you could be greatly expanding the amount of potential employees you reach. 

2. Company Culture- When interviewing someone, it’s important to think about how they…

Don’t Do THIS When It Comes To Your Employee Handbook

When it comes to your business, developing a concise employee handbook is important. Handbooks should outline your business policies, programs and benefits as well as your expectations for employees. With a proper handbook in place, your business should have a collaborative workplace working towards a common goal. Here at Kmet Consulting, you can count on us for all of your human resources needs (including help with developing an employee handbook to fit your business needs). Check out these 5 things to avoid while creating an employee handbook for a well-organized business.

1. Don’t Make Your Handbook a Contract- When creating an employee handbook, make sure that it clearly states that the handbook is not a contract. Doing this will protect your business from being sued if a term stated in the handbook is broken. In addition, you should clearly state in your handbook that one’s employment may be terminated at any point by either the employee or the employer without statement of cause …

Impressive Items To Take Note of When Someone is Interviewing To Work For You

Hiring the best employees to work for you, especially during busier seasons, can be so difficult sometimes. There is only so much you can learn about a person from a resume and a job interview. Not only that, hiring costs can start to add up after a while and if it continuously doesn't work out for multiple people that you hire, then it may be time to reach out for some HR help with this important process. That's where we come in. Our HR consulting firm specializes in helping companies and organizations recruit the best job candidates and we offer a variety of services, including but not limited to Job Analysis and Design, Job Descriptions, Skills Assessments, Finding/Interviewing/Recruiting, Background Checks and Selection Assessments. If you are ready to take the stress out of recruiting the best job candidates, call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638 today. In the meantime, keep reading for a few impressive items to take note of when someone is interviewing to work for you.

A L…

3 Tips & Tricks to NAIL Your Job Interview

Picture this scenario:

You just got the call and the company you have been dreaming about working for would like to have you in for an interview. You schedule the interview and thank them for calling, then you hang up. The instant you hang up, the nerves start to kick in and while you are very excited you start to panic a little. You think to yourself, how am I going to nail this interview?

You are in luck because our HR consulting firm is here to give you 3 tips and tricks to nail your job interview. Kmet Consulting specializes in offering HR help with Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Interviewing Tips, and Interview Etiquette. We are here for you! If you would like help applying for your dream job, give us a call today at 877-783-5638.

3 Tips & Tricks to NAIL Your Job Interview
1. Make sure your resume has that "special touch" that will allow for hiring managers to take a second look.
Hiring managers look through several resumes every day. Your resume should be tai…

Are Your Employees Overworked?

As a manager, have you noticed a negative vibe around the office amongst your employees? Does everyone just seem stressed? If your answer is yes, have you considered why this may be? There could be a number of reasons, but one of them may be that your employees are overworked. If this is the case, this can be an HR issue. Turnover could rise and productivity could drop if this issue isn't taken care of. As an experienced HR consulting company, we understand that no two companies are exactly alike and your HR issues may differ from others, which is why we offer customized solutions that fit your needs. Kmet Consulting specializes in teaching HR basics to managers. Managers have an important role and whether you are the manager of employees who are currently overworked or not, brushing up on your HR basics can't hurt. If this sounds like something that may interest you, please give our HR consulting firm a call today at 877-783-5638. In the meantime, keep reading for a few signs…

Tips for Promoting Employee Wellness

Healthy employees could mean happy employees, which can be good for overall workplace morale. At times, the task of improving the overall workplace morale and company culture can fall to the HR department. If you need assistance with this vital task, call our experienced HR consulting company today at 877-783-5638. Whatever your workplace issue may be, our HR consulting firm can come up with solutions that support and optimize the operating principles of your organization. Kmet Consulting is here for you and we are serving clients nationwide. In the meantime, keep reading for a few tips for promoting employee wellness in the workplace.

Tips for Promoting Employee Wellness in the Workplace
Encourage your employees to use their vacation time.
It is possible that many of your employees are accruing vacation time but don't actually feel encouraged to take it. They may feel:
The pressure that their work won't get completed if they take the time off.Like you, their manager will reject …

How to Bring Your Team Together This Summer!

Summer 2019 is approaching quickly and it can be very easy for employees to feel less motivated in the summer. Whether your employees have summer vacations they are coming back from and are having a hard time returning to work after or their children are now out of school for the summer and they are experiencing difficulties finding affordable childcare and the stress of that could be making them feel less motivated at work - either way, Your One Stop HR Shop is here to help you bring your team together this summer. Co-workers should be able to rely on one another to get things done and to work toward accomplishing the same shared goal together. Your HR consulting firm knows how important team building activities can be when trying to promote employee bonding. Keep reading for a few ideas from our HR consulting company on how to bring your team together this summer.

Make time to work out as a team this summer.
Work can be stressful and adding fitness sessions for your employees to part…