Celebrating Coworking Day

Back in 2005, Coworking Day was established to help “bring people together to celebrate what coworkers have accomplished in their workspaces and their communities” (DaysOfTheYear.com). At Kmet Consulting, we provide solutions to the workplace that help support and optimize the operating principles of your organization. We know that coworker relations can play a huge role in the success of your company, which is why now is such an important time to take a look at this topic. We offer HR consulting at the Lake of the Ozarks as well as HR audits, both of which can help identify the aspects of your company that have a direct impact on your employees, as coworkers. Here are some common topics that come up about coworkers and HR relations.

How Coworkers Are Staying Connected

While many companies are going back to work, as usual, there are still several who have the ability to continue working from home. Whether they are maintaining this for a while longer, or converting to it permanently, maintaining those healthy coworker relationships is vital to the health of your company. Many companies found really fun ways to stay in touch through the pandemic, whether they kept an ongoing video chat room available so everyone could have “morning coffee chats” or had scheduled yoga sessions, there are so many ways that you can continue to stay in touch with coworkers even if you are continuing a distance-based work style.

How Can Coworkers Get Along

There is a lot of information out there about handling employees who aren’t getting along. While there are many ways you can incorporate employee training, leadership training, employee orientation, and internal complaint investigation - having someone on your team who is dedicated to your success is going to be key.

In an ideal world, employers would not have to conduct internal workplace investigations because they would hire only honest, drug-free, and loyal employees. But unfortunately, employees are people and people are far from perfect. People raise issues that sometimes warrant investigation. How employers respond to and investigate internal complaints of harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct allegations can have a serious impact both legally and practically, affecting employee morale, productivity, and workplace culture. At Kmet Consulting, we can help you develop an effective mechanism for allowing work-related complaints to be resolved effectively and fairly.

How to Handle the Coworker/Friend/Peer Relationship

This can feel like a tricky balance, but with a little effort and some wisdom, you can build meaningful relationships with the people who you work with. This can vary when you are discussing friend relationships between employers and employees, as there will still need to be an appropriate balance in that relationship. But amongst coworkers, there is a lot of room for building relationships. Open communication, trust, working towards mutual outcomes, and even managing the pace at which the relationship grows. With a little effort and forethought, you can build a great relationship with your coworkers and be celebrating Coworking Day in style.

Celebrating Your Team

Creating an environment where your team feels valued and appreciated can make a huge difference. For Coworking Day, we hope that you can do something a little special for your team to help them work together, learn a new appreciation for each other, and even make it a better environment for new coworkers who will be coming on in the future.

If you have any questions that are related to HR, Kmet Consulting would love to assist. We offer a variety of consulting services and packages that can help your company work towards the right results - no matter how large or how small. Visit our website to learn more about our HR consulting company, specializing in Iowa and Missouri, but serving clients nationwide!


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