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How to Develop the Best Employee Culture

Employee culture is everything! Employees should feel happy and like they fit in at their places of work. This is best for employee retention, but how do you go about developing a culture like that? Our HR consulting company is here to give you a few tips for developing the BEST employee culture. Your One Stop HR Shop , Kmet Consulting has a passion for people, it's what we do. Call our HR consulting firm today at 877-783-5638 with any HR questions you may have. How to Develop the Best Employee Culture First, ask yourself if your current employee culture needs changing. If your answer is yes, then define what your employee culture should be. What is your company's new goal? What should the work environment be like on a day to day basis? What do current employees enjoy about working there? Second, define your culture when recruiting new employees. Once you have answered the questions from above, get that on paper, and advertise it to new hires, list it in job desc

5 Factors To Look At When Considering a New Job

Starting a new job is a big deal! Typically with most full-time positions, you may see your co-workers more often than you see your own family when waking hours are concerned. So, it is important that you are happy where you are working. Our HR consulting firm understands how scary considering a new job can be, so we are here to give you a few factors to look at when considering a new job. Kmet Consulting is Your One Stop HR Shop . If you are seeking a new job and would like help with your interview skills , resume writing or more, give us a call at 877-783-5638. 5 Factors To Look At When Considering a New Job Are health benefits included with this new job? If health benefits are not considered with the new job, but you are still considering the job anyway, be prepared. Get a quote for health insurance and be sure you can afford it on your own. Health costs can really add up after a while and having an employer who can provide your health insurance can really help out. That

How to Motivate Your Team

In order for your team to stay on task and efficient, as a manager, you should do your part to cheer them on and keep them going! Work can feel like "a grind" sometimes if you don't have something or someone motivating you. Our HR consulting company is here to tell you how to motivate your team. For more HR tips , call Kmet Consulting , Your One Stop HR Shop today at 877-783-5638. How to Motivate Your Team Allow them to represent you in regular networking functions and meetings. Nothing can instill confidence and motivation in a team member than showing them you trust them enough to represent you in a work-related meeting. A little time away from the office and at a networking event can really do a team member some good. Give them chances to lead when appropriate. If you demonstrate that if an employee works hard and does their job well, they will eventually be promoted to a leadership role - you can motivate other team members to do the same. Show that ther

Salary Negotiation Tips for Managers

As a manager, you have many responsibilities and tasks on your plate. One of which, may be handling employee requests for salary raises or negotiating starting salaries for new hires. The process of negotiating a salary can make some managers and employees feel uncomfortable. However, a key part to employee retainment can be to make sure your employees are fairly compensated for the work they are doing. Otherwise, they may look for work elsewhere at a company that will pay them a salary they feel is fair. Our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few salary negotiation tips for managers. Whether you have an employee coming to you for a raise or you are hiring for a new position and in the process of negotiating a starting salary for the new hire, these tips can help you. Many times, salary questions and requests may come up in an employee review. For HR help getting your employee review process on track or recruiting top talent, call Kmet Consulting , Your One Stop HR Shop at 877

Give Your NEW Hires the BEST Employee Orientation with Kmet Consulting

For a new employee, the first day, orientation day, can be really intimidating. Put yourself in their shoes, this is a new company, new people, new work culture, new everything, that can be scary. This is why it is VERY important you do everything you can to make them feel welcome and that includes giving a GREAT employee orientation. If you need HR help in order to pull this off, this is the blog for you. Your One Stop HR Shop , Kmet Consulting is here to give you a few tips for giving new hires the best employee orientation. If you have any questions or would like to meet and discuss putting together an orientation at your company, please call our HR consulting company today at 877-783-5638. Make Sure Everyone Gets Enough Breaks Throughout the Orientation. Sitting all day can make a person sore and tired. Make sure you give breaks and let everyone know where the restrooms and drinking fountains are. Also, when you give someone the chance to get up and move around, they are