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Is Your Business in Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enforces businesses to comply with certain rules to prohibit discrimination against anyone with a disability. If your business is not in compliance with these rules, you may be sued for a large sum of money. Don't wait until it's too late and call Kmet Consulting . Our HR consulting company can run an HR audit for you. We are here to explain what is involved with the Americans with Disability Act and what an HR audit can do for your business. Our HR Audit Services  An HR audit involves an objective look at your company’s: HR policies Practices  Procedures  Strategies to protect the company  Our goal with an HR audit is to establish the best practices, identify opportunities for improvement and assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. In order to understand how the ADA can affect your business, we must first look at what the act consists of. If you own a business, Title I and Title III are two main

Clever Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Finding the right person for your job opening can be tough.  You want to make sure you have the right fit for your team, so the interview you give them is a very important step in your hiring process.  Consider expanding your interview questions and include some non-traditional questions that may give you better insights about your possible new hire.   You can tailor questions to see how creative they are, how they think on their feet, or how the work well with others,  Kmet Consulting is a HR consulting firm dedicated to giving you great HR tips , so here’s some questions to consider when interviewing your next candidate.   Clever Questions To Ask as a Hiring Manager in a Job Interview If you could be anyone else, living or nonliving, famous or not famous, for a day, who would it be? Asking this question in a job interview can show you who this potential hire identifies with the most. This question could lead to someone really giving you an inside look into who they

What Hiring Managers CANNOT Ask in an Interview

As a hiring manager, it is extremely important that you know what you can legally ask and not ask in a job interview. Why? If you ask the wrong question, you could be sued for a very large sum of money. There are questions that ARE illegal to ask. These laws are geared toward making sure people don't get discriminated against when applying for a job. Our HR consulting firm in Missouri , Kmet Consulting , found a few clear examples of what you can and cannot ask in a job interview, on the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations website . Source: Department of Labor & Industrial Relations What You May Ask vs. What You Should NOT Ask National Origin/Ancestry: What you may ask: What is your current address and phone number? Do you have any alternative locations where you can be reached? What you should NOT ask: Where were you born? Directly inquiring into an applicant’s residency in the country or region is not appropriate even though familiarity with the lo

Why Are Accurate Job Descriptions So Important?

Job descriptions are critical to attract and keep the right person for your company.  If you don’t get your job descriptions written correctly, you will have unmotivated employees who will leave you quickly.  It’s important that your new employee is actually getting the job they expect after possibly uprooting their lives to work for you.   At Kmet Consulting , we offer human resources consulting services in the MidWest area that can help you with your job description writing.  Having a great job description can help you attract the right fit for the job, while eliminating candidates that you clearly don’t want to interview.  If their resumes don’t match what you are looking for, you can focus on candidates that have the skills that you want.  Here’s some further ideas on why job descriptions are important, and some quick tips to help you write them.  If we can help you with your next job description, give us a call! Job descriptions define your expectations An accurate job d

How to Decide If a Job is Right For You: Part 2

Last week, our HR consulting firm went over how difficult it can be to decide if a job is right for you in How to Decide If A Job Is Right For You: Part 1 . We discussed how making a list of all of the things that are important to you, when it comes to a job, can help when making this difficult decision. This week, our human resources consulting company is here to continue giving you more tips that can help you when struggling to decide if a job is right for you. We will give you key information on analyzing the job in question, when it is ok to turn down a job, and not be afraid of saying no to a job, and tips on when it’s time to say no to a job offer. How to Decide If a Job Is Right For You: Part 2 Re-examine the job requirements closely before saying “Yes” There are different strategies you can try when analyzing if a job is right for you. If you are more of an intuitive type. you can simply review the different job duties and reflect on how well you think they matc