Clever Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Finding the right person for your job opening can be tough.  You want to make sure you have the right fit for your team, so the interview you give them is a very important step in your hiring process.  Consider expanding your interview questions and include some non-traditional questions that may give you better insights about your possible new hire.   You can tailor questions to see how creative they are, how they think on their feet, or how the work well with others,  Kmet Consulting is a HR consulting firm dedicated to giving you great HR tips, so here’s some questions to consider when interviewing your next candidate.  

Clever Questions To Ask as a Hiring Manager in a Job Interview

If you could be anyone else, living or nonliving, famous or not famous, for a day, who would it be?

Asking this question in a job interview can show you who this potential hire identifies with the most. This question could lead to someone really giving you an inside look into who they are as a person. They may divulge what their true passions are by saying who they want to be for a day. This is a good, unique question that could even lead to a fun conversation and break the tension that sometimes comes with interviewing someone.

Can you describe the best and worst boss you ever had?

Ask someone this and they will most likely have to think on their feet. Describing the worst boss you ever had is not a pleasant experience. If this potential hire can do it gracefully and in a professional manner, it shows that they react well under pressure. Speaking about the best boss they have ever had can show what managerial skills they respond best to.

What was your most memorable moment at a past job, positive or negative and why?

The person you are interviewing may respond with the most impactful action they made in a past job or a glowing client testimonial someone made due to something they did. The sky's the limit with this question. The answer you get will hopefully either give you one of this person's biggest accomplishments or something that impacted them in a negative way, that they learned a great deal from.

Describe your worst conflict at the workplace and how you handled it. If you feel you handled it poorly, what would you do differently?

Conflict management is major in a positive work environment. No one person agrees with everyone 100% of the time, so it's vital that you know how to handle conflict in a professional and fair manner as a potential employee. How does this person react in uncomfortable situations? Are they nonconfrontational? 

Tell me about an opinion that you had in the past year that has changed and why did it change?

This question can give you some insights on many levels. The candidate will have to think on their feet to narrow down an opinion they had, and you can see how they handle this stress. In addition, you can see if they have flexibility in the way they think, and can use critical thinking skills to describe how their mind changed about a certain issue or topic.

Having Trouble Finding the Best Questions to Ask as a Hiring Manager in a Job Interview?

Kmet Consulting is here to help! At our HR consulting company, people are our passion and my passion in your business. The goal is to work together with you and your company as a team to accomplish the same objective. Whether you are looking to find a true leader to lead your team or a team player to be part of your team, Kmet Consulting can help. We know that your time is valuable, so let us find the right people for the specific job in your organization. First, we network to find you the top candidates that fit your organizational culture. We then confirm their talent through an interview process. At Kmet Consulting, we call this recruiting done right! We are available to help you with your HR questions, reach out anytime. Call our office at 877-783-5638.



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