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How To Decide If A Job Is Right For You: Part 1

Finding the perfect job is not easy! You want the pay to be right, but you also want a job that challenges you and provides room for advancement.  It doesn't matter how much a job pays if you are going to be unhappy doing it. Find the job that fits who you are as a person. Your goal should be to have a job that fits not only your professional aspirations but your personal aspirations as well. Kmet Consulting is here to give you in this 2 part blog series, a few key tips to consider when trying to find your perfect job. Key Tips To Consider When Deciding If a Job is Right For You Make a List Making a list of all of the things that are important to you in a job can help. Take some time to write down everything that you need with your new position. Here are a few ideas to help you. Job Duties If the duties of the job don't challenge you, you most likely will get bored quickly and  lose your motivation. No job is worth doing if you are unhappy doing it. Analyze eac

How to Handle Employee Complaints in the Workplace: Part 2

Employee Complaints that go unheard can make for an uncomfortable, unproductive work environment. Last week, Kmet Consulting gave you an overview of setting up a system for handling employee complaints and categorizing those complaints. This week, our HR consulting firm will continue our overview of handling employee complaints in the workplace. We will explain how to go about addressing employee complaints and reviewing the outcomes after the employee complaints have been addressed. How to Address Employee Complaints Last week’s blog explained categorizing your complaints. Once you have categorized your complaints, you will then want to address the most significant ones first. Anything pertaining to unsafe work conditions and violations of company rules and policies should be addressed immediately. Consider these steps when addressing a complaint. 1. Acknowledge the complaint. Be sure you acknowledge that you (the company) has received the complaint. The key here is t

How to Handle Employee Complaints in the Workplace: Part 1

Yes, we all hope our employees are happy 100% of the time, but the reality is that just isn't true. As a business owner or manager, you need to make sure everyone feels comfortable communicating their concerns in a productive way. Allowing your employees to feel free to express themselves openly makes for a much better work environment. In this 2-part blog series,  Kmet Consulting is here to explain what justifies an employee complaint and the best ways to address employee complaints and review the outcomes. What Qualifies as an Employee Complaint? An employee complaint can start with a real or imagined feeling of dissatisfaction that an employee experiences in the course of their job. These complaints must then be communicated to management or the organization as a whole. Once these complaints have been communicated to management, how do you handle them as a manager or business owner? How do you know if you are giving each complaint the time it deserves? Our HR cons

7 Team Building Activities for the Workplace

Have you ever considered what makes your company so great? Many people might say, it's the team they work with that makes their company so great to work for. Having a team that knows how to work together and depend on one another, when they are in need, is key to having a successful company. Consider allowing your team to participate in team building activities to bond, learn more about one another, and just have some plain old fun in the workplace. Our HR consulting firm is here to give you 7 team building activities for the workplace to try with your employees. 7 Team Building Activities for the Workplace 1. Provide lunch and team discussions. Provide lunch for the whole team every once in a while. Break everyone up into groups and have them sit with people they don't normally work with. Then, allow each group to work together to respond to work-related questions. When dividing people up into groups, you can make it fun and write numbers on the backs of their plate