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Helpful Tips for Training New Employees

New employees can feel really intimidated at times. Think about it, we were all new employees at one time or another in our lives. Knowing this, as a hiring manager, it's important that you take the necessary steps to make your new hires feel comfortable during the training process. Your One Stop HR Shop is here to give you a few helpful tips for training new employees. Our HR consulting firm specializes in offering proven training methods that work. If that sounds like something your company could benefit from, call Kmet Consulting today at 877-783-5638. Helpful Tips for Training New Employees Be understanding and give them information at a steady pace. Reslize that this person is brand new to all of this. They don't understand it like you do and you should go at a steady pace when training them. As a trainer, it can be very easy to talk in terms that are internal and that only employees who have been there a while will understand. If you catch yourself doing that,

Tips and Tricks To Make Your Resume Stand Out

It can be really frustrating for job seekers to know you are qualified for a position you're applying for and not even get a call back after submitting your resume for an interview. Don't take it personally. The company you applied for may have received so many resumes that they may have not even seen yours. Knowing that, our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few tips and tricks to make your resume stand out from the rest. In today's job market, you could be up against hundreds of other applicants for one job alone. Your One Stop HR Shop is here to help in any way we can. We help you apply for your dream job! Give our HR consulting company a call today at 877-783-5638. Tips and Tricks To Make Your Resume Stand Out Include a "related skills" section in your resume. Certain companies are looking for individuals with very specific skills, which means they may be skimming resumes for specific words on your resume. These words they're looking f

The Importance of Having a MEANINGFUL Business Mission Statement

A meaningfully written mission statement couldn’t be more important for your business! Not only does it let your clients know what your company is all about but it also lets your employees and future employees know. When someone is applying for jobs and you have an opening and they see your mission statement and immediately get impressed, that may be the final point that gets them to apply. Your One Stop HR Shop is here to help! Keep reading for a few reasons why it is SO important to have a meaningfully written mission statement for your business. If you have been struggling to write the best mission statement for your business, give our HR consulting firm a call. Kmet Consulting can be reached at 877-783-5638. We serve clients nationwide and specialize in Missouri. GIVE YOUR COMPANY A BRAND CLIENTS AND EMPLOYEES WILL REMEMBER. Having a strong mission statement can help guide all of your marketing.  If it's written correctly, you should be able to just ask yourself, “Do

Job Seeking 101: How To Know When To Say "Yes" or "No" To a Job Offer

Changing careers can be really stressful. When you're with a company for a long time it can feel like a chapter in your life that is coming to a close. You may not know what to expect with this new chapter, but our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few tips on when to say "no" or "yes" to a job offer. Whatever your reasons may be for job searching, Kmet Consulting is here for you and we are able to provide whatever sort of job seeking HR help you may need. Whether you need help with your Interview Skills , Resume Writing , Networking , or more, we can help! Give us a call today at 877-783-5638. Job Seeking 101: How To Know When To Say "Yes" or "No" To a Job Offer Know if this job is going to offer health insurance or not. Health insurance can be extremely costly if you end up having to pay it on your own, especially if you have children to support. Having a job that offers health insurance and at least pays for some it c