The Top Jobs in 2017

The job market is ever changing and you never know what industry may boom. For example, people are now living longer, which means the healthcare industry is constantly hiring. More and more healthcare advances are being made. Understanding the job market and knowing what industries are hiring the most can be a valuable asset. Why? If you are looking to change career paths, this is good information for you to have. Our HR consulting firm is here to give you information on some of the top jobs of 2017. 

The Top Jobs of 2017

Home Health Aides

The home health industry is booming. Home health aides help people with disabilities, cognitive impairment and disabilities by assisting with their everyday living activities. As a home health aide, you may work in the home of your client, a group home, or day service programs. More and more people are either needing or wanting their medical needs taken care of in their comfort of their own home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Home Health Aides are expected to grow at a rate of 47% from 2016 to 2026. On average, Home Health Aides made $22,170 per year in 2016 ($10.66 per hour). While they don't get paid very much, the work they do can be very self rewarding. 


Statisticians play a vital role in problem solving. They analyze data and use mathematical techniques to help businesses, engineers, health care professionals and others to solve problems. The BLS predicts a 33% growth rate of Statisticians from 2016-2026. They also get paid pretty well, averaging $81,950 per year ($39.40 per hour). 

Dental Hygienists

According to glassdoor, there are supposed to be 68,000 new positions opening up for dental hygienists in the coming years. On average, dental hygienists make $74,692 per year. They can perform cosmetic procedures on your teeth, such as bleaching. They can even perform more serious procedures such detecting oral cancer.

Personal Finance Advisors

Personal Finance Advisors provide financial advice to people on investments, college savings, planning taxes, etc. The BLS, projects an employment change of 14% from 2016-2026, which is faster than the average job. Personal Finance Advisors make $90,530 per year, on average. You typically need at least a Bachelor's degree to qualify for this type of position.

Physical Therapy Assistants

If you enjoy helping others, you may consider becoming a physical therapy assistant. The BLS projects a job growth rate of 30% from 2016-2026. Physical Therapy Assistants or PTAs help patients who are recovering from an injury or illness, learn how to move normally again and manage their pain in their everyday lives. On average, Physical Therapy Assistants make $45,290 per year.

Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors help families by determining the risk for inherited diseases. They study DNA and also provide information to health care providers. This job is expected to grow at 29%. You typically need a Master's degree for this position and on average, genetic counselors made $72,090 in 2015.

Are You Looking to Change Your Career Path?

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