2018: New You, New Job?

The New Year is finally here! It’s 2018 and you are probably looking for ways to improve yourself physically and mentally. One way to do that may be to find a new job. If you are unhappy with what you are doing currently, change it. If one of your goals for 2018 is to find a new job that is better suited for you, our HR consulting firm has a few job seeking tips to help you with your search.

5 Job Seeking Tips for 2018

Job Seeking Tip # 1
Make your resume stand out from the rest.
Highlight your accomplishments and really show your value through your resume. Be sure to include numbers, when describing your accomplishments. For example, if you were the “top seller” in December of 2017, indicate how many sales you made or the amount of money you brought in for your company. Also, be sure to triple check your resume for typos. If the hiring manager sees the slightest typo, he or she might throw out your resume and move on to the next. You should make it look as professional as possible.

Job Seeking Tip # 2
Give your social media platforms a professional makeover.
More and more employers are searching their potential new hires on social media before they call for an interview. Sweep through all of your social media platforms and make sure there’s nothing inappropriate on there you wouldn’t want a future boss to see.

Job Seeking Tip # 3
Get your references prepared.
Typically, an employer will ask for 3 references, but if you can muster more than that, do so. Contact your references ahead of time and ask if they are ok with you listing them on the application. If so, let them know they may be contacted soon and prepare them by letting them know who may be calling.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know it when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

Job Seeking Tip # 4
Don’t underestimate LinkedIn as a job searching tool.
LinkedIn is Facebook for working professionals. It is very common for recruiters to search LinkedIn for qualified job applicants to fill an open position. Job seekers may also find open job descriptions listed on LinkedIn, along with reviews of the company you could be looking into working for. Pay attention to these reviews because they can help you determine if this type of company is the right work environment for you.

Job Seeking Tip # 5
Network, network, network
If you are interested in a job change in 2018, then let your professional network connections know. Make a post on LinkedIn. Go to local networking socials in your area and market yourself. Show people you are confident, qualified, and that you know how to communicate in a professional manner. Let your passion shine through and indicate what type of work you are looking for. One of your professional network connections may even know of the perfect job for you that just became available.

Are You a Job Seeker Who Needs Assistance? Kmet Consulting Can Help You Apply for Your Dream Job.

In today’s job market, finding your dream job can be stressful and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be, not with the right HR help on your side. Our HR consulting company can help you revamp your resume, apply for your dream job, prepare for your interview, and give you some interviewing tips and go over proper interview etiquette. We can even help you with your networking skills and help you reach out to your professional connections. If you are ready to find your dream job, call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638.



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