Why Your Business Needs a Strong Mission Statement

A properly written mission statement can “set the tone” for your business if done correctly. When writing your mission statement or editing your current one, ask yourself, did that statement clearly define the goals of my business and state what we can do for our clients? Is this mission statement going to provide value to the clients, current employees or potential employees who read it? Our HR consulting company is here to give you a few reasons why it's vital to have a strong mission statement that makes sense for your business. If you need assistance in completing this important task, Kmet Consulting is just one call away.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Strong Mission Statement for Your Business

Reason # 1
It can show everyone the goals of your business.
How are clients supposed to come to you for your services if they don't clearly understand what your company aims to do?  For example, if you own a restaurant and one of your goals is to be very highly involved in the community, work that into your mission statement. Your clients know you want to serve as much food as possible, but if you don't indicate you have a goal of helping out your community in any way you can, how are they supposed to know? What sets you apart from the other restaurants?

Reason # 2
It can help potential future employees know whether or not their passions align with the goals of your business before applying.
Having the RIGHT team can make or break a business. Part of having the right team is hiring people who share passions that align with what your business is trying to accomplish. You can't teach people to be passionate, but you can find those who already have it.

Reason # 3
It can help brand your business.
Having a strong mission statement can help guide all of your marketing. If it's written correctly, you should be able to just ask yourself, “Does this align with my mission?” when it comes to your social media management, newsletter development, billboards, radio advertisements, TV commercials, etc. A powerful mission statement can help keep your marketing consistent and to the point.

“Without a mission statement, you may get to the top of the ladder and then realize it was leaning against the wrong building.” - Dave Ramsey

An Example of a Written Mission Statement

It is the mission of Kmet Consulting to support the goals and challenges of our Client Companies by providing services that promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. We will seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the operating principles of your organization. Customized services with a shared passion for people – that is our promise!

Need Help Writing a Business Statement That Adequately Describes What Your Company Aims To Do?

Our HR consulting company can help you. In addition to helping you with your mission statement, we can assist with other policies and procedures. Having current and strategic policies and procedures in place is vital to an organization’s success. Without written guidelines, a company risks expensive errors, injuries or perhaps even litigation. Developing human resources policies and procedures eliminates uncertainty for employees because it provides them with well-defined guidelines. Kmet Consulting can assist with the development and implementation of tailored policies and procedures for your organization. For HR help you can rely on, call us at the number listed below. To learn more about what else we can do for you, visit our website at www.KmetConsulting.com.



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