5 Tips for Retaining Your Talented Employees

The key to having a long-lasting, successful company could be traced back to retaining your talented employees. High employee turnover doesn't look good for any company and it's important as a hiring manager, that you do everything in your power to retain as many good employees as you can, but how do you do that? Our HR consulting firm is here to give your a few tips for retaining your top employees. If you need assistance with retaining employees or hiring top talent, give Kmet Consulting a call at 877-783-5638.

5 Tips for Retaining Your Top Employees

Tip #1
Ask the potential employee what their career goals are in the job interview.
Start fresh from the beginning by having any potential employees identify their career goals to you. This allows you to see if their goals align with your company's structure. You can have a better idea of whether or not this person will be happy realistically at your company long term.

Tip #2
Have an “open culture” at your workplace.
By “open culture,” we mean allow your employees to express their ideas openly and honestly and you should do the same in return. Allowing everyone to be themselves makes for a much more comfortable work environment.

Tip #3
Don't micromanage, coach.
Micromanaging employees can lead to employee turnover quickly. If you feel the need to micromanage an employee, then that employee probably wasn't a great fit for your company in the first place. Coach your employees by giving them the authority they need in order to complete their job tasks successfully. Make yourself available to them if and when they have questions.

Tip #4
Create career advancement opportunities.
Many employees, millennials especially, can tend to stick with a company longer if they feel there is a “ladder to climb.” In other words, employees can become bored or unmotivated if they feel stuck in the same position for too long, so create a way in which they can move up within your company. Keep them motivated by providing incentives such as yearly raises or more vacation time.

Tip #5
Allow for talented employees to contribute to important business decisions.
It can be human nature to want to feel appreciated. If your employees have ideas on how to improve your company, hear them out and take them seriously. If you use one of their ideas, give them credit for it.

Need HR Help With Employee Recruitment and Retaining?

Kmet Consulting has you covered. We understand how hard it can be to find the right people to work for your company. It can be time consuming and require a lot of work, so let us take that stress off your shoulders. Then, once you've found your talented employees, we can help you come up with the best ways to retain them within your company. Kmet Consulting is your one stop HR shop. We help businesses with everything from employee recruiting to policy development. If you have any questions, give us a call at 877-783-5638 or visit our website at www.KmetConsulting.com.



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