What Can I Do to Set Myself Apart from the Other Job Candidates AFTER The Interview?

You've just had your interview for your dream job and you feel like it went fairly well, but you find yourself wondering, what can I do to set myself apart from the other candidates now? Good question – our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few actions to take to set yourself apart from the other candidates AFTER the job interview.

What Can I Do to Set Myself Apart from the Other Job Candidates AFTER The Interview?

1. Ask your interviewer how you may follow up.

Some people prefer to be contacted via e-mail, some may prefer via phone, either way, it's important that you ask so you know how to follow up in a way the interviewer finds acceptable after the interview. You don't want to come off as pushy or as if you are interrupting.

2. Send a thank you card.

Anyone can send a thank you e-mail these days. Set yourself apart and mail them a handwritten thank you card. Be sure to get the mailing address ahead of time and mark “attention: whoever interviewed you.” This can be a very nice touch and most likely will be a unique move compared to the other candidates.

3. Keep job searching.

Just because you had a good interview with someone doesn't mean you necessarily got the job, so keep looking. Your dream job may be just around the corner, you simply have to be willing to keep looking for it. Stay confident and positive.

4. Send a LinkedIn connection request to your interviewer.

LinkedIn is like Facebook but for professionals. The person who interviewed you is most likely on the there, so send them a connection request. Be sure to follow the company as well.

5. Continue to learn about the company you applied for.

Be prepared for follow up calls. Keep researching the company and educating yourself via what you find online and by any other means available. The more you know, the better – you will want to be prepared if the interviewer suddenly calls and wants to schedule a second interview.

“Never give up searching for the job that you're passionate about. Try to find the job you'd have if you were independently rich. Forget about the pay. When you're associating with the people that you love, doing what you love, it doesn't get any better than that.” - Warren Buffett

Need Further Assistance Applying & Interviewing for Your Dream Job?

Our HR consulting company can help. Kmet Consulting specializes in helping people find, apply, and interview for their dream jobs. We help you identify possible careers that relate to your passions. We then string together your skills and past experience to demonstrate that you are a great fit for the job. In today's job market, even the most qualified candidates can often be overlooked. It takes a combination of having a creative resume, superb interview skills, knowing proper interview etiquette, and understanding how to follow up the correct way to get noticed. This process can be intimidating and a lot to take in, so if you feel overwhelmed in any way, call us at the number listed below. We are happy to help you.



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