3 Amazing Ways to Give Your Employees Thanks

It shouldn't be about "if" you give your employees thanks, it should be about "how" and "how often". As a company owner or manager, where would you be today without your reliable and loyal employees? Would you be as successful as you are right now? Show your employees how thankful you are for their hard work and dedication to you and your company. Not only is this good for employee retainment, but it makes for a positive, uplifting work environment and isn't what most people want out of their jobs? Kmet Consulting is here to give you three amazing ways to give your employees thanks. These are just examples of what you can do. You should try to find out how your employees like being recognized before you try anything. For example, they may not like public recognition. It may make them feel uncomfortable, so a thank you card hand given to them may be best. For HR help you can count on, call 877-783-5638 or visit our website at www.KmetConsulting.com for more information.

3 Amazing Ways to Give Your Employees Thanks

Start a Thank You Note Board.
Every time someone in your office does something fantastic, went above and beyond the normal realm of customer service - write it down and stick it on a board that everyone can see in the workplace. Not only will this recognize the employee for doing such an incredible job, but it can also set a good example for other employees and motivate them to do a great job too.

Treat Your Employees to an Ice Cream Party.
Who doesn't love a good ice cream break every once in a while? Figure out everyone's favorite ice cream flavors ahead of time and see if there are any dietary restrictions in the office. Then plan the best ice cream work party ever! Show your employees you appreciate them with the power of sweet ice cream goodness. This sort of event can also give your employees a chance to socialize with one another and can enhance employee morale.

Give them an Extra Vacation Day.
If you have an employee who has worked tirelessly for you and shows it each and every single day, give them an extra vacation day. It's just one day, so you can most likely get his or her work covered and it give your employee the opportunity to take a little extra break and recharge from all the hard work they have been doing.

Make Your Employees Feel Special with Kmet Consulting

Retain a talented workforce. Ensure your company has a KEY competitive advantage. Do this by making your employees feel appreciated and by rewarding their hard work. An organization must create an environment that fosters professional satisfaction and encourages employee development. Kmet Consulting offers courses designed to support personal development and organizational growth. Discover new approaches and techniques for training employees and give us a call today. You can also visit our website for more information on services we offer at www.KmetConsulting.com.


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