Get Noticed With an Incredible Resume

It's 2018 and perhaps you made a goal for yourself at the beginning of the year - to have a new job before Christmas. You still have time! It can be tough to stand out from other job candidates with all of the great resumes out there. Our HR consulting company is here to help you stand out and get noticed with an incredible resume. For help writing an incredible resume, call Your One Stop HR Shop, Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638 today. Keep reading for a few helpful resume writing tips.

Helpful Resume Writing Tips

Don't put your whole life story on your resume.
You should only list your job history dating back to the last 10 to 15 years or so. That being said, you should only list jobs that relate to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to be a computer programmer, the hiring manager doesn't need to know that you held a job in the fast food industry for a couple years to put yourself through college. If you've had internships in IT departments that would relate to this computer programmer position, then that would be worth listing. Hiring managers look through several resumes and may not have much time to look at yours. Stand out by only listing the jobs that show you have the experience required to be qualified for this position.

Market your achievements under each job you held.
It can be very easy to only list job tasks you performed under each job you held. However, you should include key bullet points explaining your accomplishments under each job. For example, if you were a sale representative somewhere and were the top seller at times, list that. If you were a writer for a newspaper and won a readership award for an article you wrote, list it. The point here is to highlight your accomplishments and make them STAND OUT on your resume.

Use a template.
Starting out, it may be easier to use a resume template. Make your own customizations to it to add your personal flair, but using a template can help you add some professional formatting changes that can help your resume to stand out from the rest. Don't be afraid to add some color to it, but use a normal font that is not very flashy and is easy to read. You want your resume to stand out but it should still look professional.

Write an Incredible Resume with Kmet Consulting

How do you get past the resume screening process and land that interview for your dream job by Christmas? We can help you meet that goal and land your dream job. Kmet Consulting showcases your value to a company by crafting a resume that highlights your differences and accomplishments – such as listing industry-specific awards, certifications and advanced degrees – that differentiate you from the crowd. Let us create your masterpiece for you, one that generates results and can land you that career you have been dreaming about. Let our HR consulting firm help you get your foot in the door with that company you have been wanting to work at for years. Just call 877-783-5638 for Kmet Consulting, Your One Stop HR Shop.



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