The Makes of a Great Manager

Good management can make or break a company. A good manager needs to be able to set an example for current employees and new employees who are just starting with the company. According to LinkedIn, 75% of employees who left their jobs did so because of their bosses. Kmet Consulting is here to give you a rundown of what attributes can make for a great manager. We teach HR basics for management if you are need of HR help, please give us a call today at 877-783-5638.

The Makes of a Great Manager

Doesn't Micromanage
Micromanaging your employees can mean you don't trust them to perform the duties they were hired to do. It can be very off-putting and lead to employee turnover quickly. Allow your employees to do what they do best. If you can show that you trust them, you may find that you are happier with the results.

Develops Employees
Show your employee's you care about their professional growth by allowing them opportunities to learn, such as seminars, conferences, or networking groups. Give your employees the chance to build their skills and make your company even stronger.

Encourages Collaboration
Boost morale in the workplace by allowing your employees to work together and bounce ideas off each other. You can build your team up by allowing this and enhance their team participation skills.

Makes Time for Fun
While being responsible and meeting your work deadlines is very important, so is allowing your employees some time to recharge and have a little bit of fun. Encourage team bonding by scheduling work lunches or team activities, such as going to local football games, baseball games, concerts, happy hours, etc.

Shows Appreciation for Employees
Show gratitude for your employees. A simple thank you can go a long way. If employees don't feel appreciated, they might just leave and find a company that does appreciate them. Write them a thank you note, recognize them in front of the team, make a work social media post explaining your gratitude. There are several things you can do to show how thankful you are to your employees, just get to know them and find out how they like to be recognized.

Be a Great Manager with Kmet Consulting

Great management can be key to having a successful business, as statistics can show that good employees will leave companies due to bad management. Employees need someone to look up to and idolize, a goal to work toward - you can be that person they look up to and that goal. Make your management position look like so much fun that others will want to stay with the company long enough to work their way up to that position one day. Our HR consulting company specializes in teaching HR basics to managers. If your business could benefit from getting some HR help, whether it be improving your management skills or recruiting new employees, call Kmet Consulting today at 877-783-5638. You can also visit our website at for more information on the services we provide to business in regard to human resources.



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