Small Business Owners - Get Your HR Guidelines On Track with Kmet Consulting!

If major HR issues aren't handled in a proper manner, things at your small business can go south real quick. For example, if you have to hire someone and you ask an illegal interview question without even realizing it, you still could be sued for thousands of dollars. Your One Stop HR Shop is here to help small business owners out. We realize you are probably wearing a lot of hats, payroll manager, hiring manager, HR manager, etc. Knowing how to do everything by yourself can be tough. Our HR consulting firm is here to give you a few pointers on how to get your HR guidelines at your small business back on track.


Keep your employees motivated! You can really motivate your employees by showing gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

  • Do this on a regular basis because if your employees feel appreciated, they will most likely work even harder for you. 
  • It can be too easy to get caught up in your own workload and forget to take two minutes to thank your employees and tell them how much you appreciate them. 
  • It can make all the difference!


Get your payroll process organized. Some smaller companies can end up paying their employees late, simply because their payroll process isn’t organized.

Don't wait until the last minute to get your payroll in order.

Paying your employees late can lead to all sorts of problems.


Create an employee handbook that your employees truly understand. If your employee handbook is a “novel,” consider revising it. You can overwhelm your employees with a handbook that is hard to read, hard to understand, and possibly full of unnecessary policies. You should have an employee handbook that contains language your employees can understand and you should take the time to explain it to them. Consistently educate your employees on your policies as they change over time. Doing this can help avoid confusion and boost healthy communication within the company.


Get acquainted with all HR regulations and laws. You can avoid some very costly mistakes by simply educating yourself on the different HR laws and regulations, such as EEOC or ADA for example. Having an HR consulting company run a full HR audit on your business can be a great way to not only educate yourself on these different laws but also can give you some guidance and peace of mind.


Develop an interviewing process that works for your company. Too many companies are missing out on prime talent out there simply because they are going about the interview process all wrong.

  • Educate the people interviewing to work at your company about the true passion behind your business. 
  • Determine if their passions align with yours and don't be afraid to ask detailed questions that make them think on their feet. 
  • Don’t rule out someone that you think would be a great fit for the company, simply because they are missing one small aspect of what you are looking for. 

For example, if you are looking to hire someone with a Masters degree, but they only have a Bachelor's degree along with 5 years experience in your field, they may still be a good candidate for the position.

Need Assistance with Any One of These Tasks?

Our experienced HR consulting firm is here for you! We are very passionate about helping small businesses get their HR guidelines back on track. Failure to do this could result in having to pay thousands of dollars in lawsuits in some cases. For answers to your HR questions, call Kmet Consulting today at 877-783-5638.



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