3 Reasons Why Your Job Description Needs To Be Correct

Have you noticed that you have had a rise in turnover? Are employees not staying with your company for longer than 6 months to a year on average? Do your employees seem happy and fulfilled professionally?

More often than it should, employees are hired for positions that aren't what they were advertised to be. Not having a job description that is correct can end up costing you a ton of money in hiring costs because you likely aren't getting the right employee hired for the position you are trying to fill. Our HR consulting company is here to give you 3 reasons why your job description needs to be correct. Leaving major pieces of information out of a job description not only misleads the person applying for the job but can also hurt you as a company. For recruiting help from a professional HR consulting firm, call Kmet Consulting at 877-783-5638.

3 Reasons Why Your Job Description Needs To Be Correct

1. A correctly written job description can you guide your interview in a nice direction.

  • Your interviewing process will benefit from a clearly written job description. 
  • You can focus your questions on exploring whether the candidate has the background or experience to accomplish the job, whether they truly understand the skills you expect the candidate to have, or to gauge an understanding of what your expectations are. 

2. A correctly written job description can communicate to your applicants what you truly expect.

  • A correct job description should list all of the duties, responsibilities, and requirements associated with the job. 
  • The job description should set the standards and help encourage the employee to ask the right questions about the job in the interview. 
  • An accurate job description can help start a conversation in a job interview that leads to determining if this potential employee is the right fit for your company. 
  • It is very important for BOTH parties, that you clearly define the expectations of the job in your job description.

3. A correctly written job description can protect your company, legally speaking.
If you hire an employee who becomes disgruntled and leaves…if your job description is not clearly written, there is a chance that the employee can cause you some legal trouble. They may claim that “this is not the job I was hired for”, and try to sue you. If your job description clearly lays out all duties, and you have a system in place to document performance against clearly defined performance indicators, then you should be good, but it doesn't hurt to consult with HR company who can audit your documents and make sure you are covered!

Don't overlook the power of a correctly written job description that attracts the RIGHT job candidates. Kmet Consulting is here for you. Not only can we help you write the best job description, but we can help you hire the best people and attract top talent. Give us a call today and let's get started!




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