Coach, Don't Micromanage - Here's Why!

When you coach an employee, you are working as a manager to develop that employee and to give them the tools they need to succeed within your company. There's a huge difference between coaching and micromanaging. Micromanagement is where a manager closely watched and tries to control almost every step the employees take. The downfall of micromanaging is that your employees may feel like you don't trust them to do their jobs correctly on their own. This can be awful for employee morale. Our HR consulting company is here to give you a few benefits of coaching your employees. If you need HR help training your employees the right way, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. Kmet Consulting: Your One Stop HR Shop can be reached at 877-783-5638. You can also learn more about our services by visiting our website at

Create a sense of trust with your employees.
A comfortable work environment consists of open communication between all employees and managers.
  • Transparency and communication are key to being productive and building trust.
  •  If your employees trust you, you will be amazed at the accomplishments they can achieve. 

Create BETTER employees.
You can TRAIN your employees to be competent at their jobs.
  • When you coach your employees, they will go the extra mile to get the job done. 
  • They will be motivated to do their absolute best. 
  • If you are an effective coach, you can challenge your employees, not command them. Effective coaching will create GREAT employees that will exceed your expectations. 

Give your employees CONFIDENCE.

Do you want an employee who just agrees with everything you say or someone who can help you improve the company?
  • A confident employee should feel comfortable in bringing up concerns they or the team may have with a decision or policy for the company. 
  • If you can coach your employees to bring up issues or problems, the overall culture of the company will improve. 

Point out what your employee is doing RIGHT.
When coaching your employees, try to focus on the value that can help them improve, instead of focusing only on what they are doing wrong.
  • Doing this can help your employees feel more appreciated and valued. 
  • Only focusing on what they are doing wrong can possibly cause them to feel resentful toward the company. 
  • Focusing on the positive aspects will allow your employees to see how valuable they are to the team and it will improve their motivation. 

Kmet Consulting hopes you found this blog very enlightening. Our HR consulting firm also hopes you understand how important it is to coach, not micromanage your employees. We specialize in many services, one of which is training assistance. We really feel like training is only effective if it is understood and that it must engage employees by offering solutions that solve problems. We have a ton of experience creating customized training programs. We also have the ability to make complex information easy to digest, we develop training programs for every area of business. To learn more, give us a call today. We can be reached at 877-783-5638.



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