Ideas for Curing The Office Winter Blues

The winter's a real thing and they can affect your workplace morale in a negative way. However, this HR consulting company is here to help! Keep reading this week's blog for a few ideas for curing the office winter blues. Kmet Consulting specializes in a wide range of HR services. We provide customized HR solutions to fit your needs. To learn more about how we can help your company, please visit our website at

Ideas for Curing The Office Winter Blues

Organize some fun clubs for your employees to join if they'd like outside of work.
Employees may share similar interests. There are companies that have sponsored photography clubs, internet game playing groups, etc. Employees participating in hobby clubs together can promote employee bonding.

Treat your employees to lunch.
Provide lunch for the whole team every once in a while. Break everyone up into groups and have them sit with people they don't normally work with. Then, allow each group to work together to respond to work-related questions. When dividing people up into groups, you can make it fun and write numbers on the backs of their plates randomly.

Host a bring your kids to work day!
The winter typically means snow days for children. It can be really difficult for working parents to find child care on such short notice. Hosting activities that allow employees to bring their children and other family members to the workplace encourages your employees to develop friendships outside of work which can cement team building in the workplace.

Give your employees reading breaks.
Many managers assign books for employees to read, whether it be about management, team building, time management, etc. Why not make this a group activity instead? Each employee can take turns leading the group and discuss what they learned in the chapter they just read.

Allow your employees to get to know each other.
New employees are likely nervous on their first day, especially if they can sense a negative vibe throughout the office due to winter blues. When you are forming a new team, use an icebreaker in your meetings. This can help your new employees feel more welcome in the group and may even "take the edge off" and allow them to feel less intimidated by a new group.

Promote health in your office.
The new year can motivate many people to exercise more and lose weight. Work can be stressful and adding fitness sessions for your employees to participate in at the workplace can help relieve some of that stress. Try adding a yoga or aerobics class. This is another way your employees can learn to bond with one another while relieving stress and staying healthy.

All of us here at Kmet Consulting hope you found this blog helpful. The winter blues are NOT good for office productivity, so use these HR ideas to try and bring the POSITIVITY back to your team. Need help? That's where we come in. Call Kmet Consulting today at 877-783-5638.



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