Negative Employees: How to Keep the Negativity from Spreading in the Workplace

It's 2019 and it is going to be a GREAT year, whether those negative employees like it or not. Let's face it, every workplace has at least one negative employee in the bunch, but at as a manager, you want to try and contain the negativity so it doesn't spread to other employees and bring down company morale. How do you go about doing this though? If negativity spreads and your company doesn't look like a good place to work anymore, then how will you retain employees? How will you recruit employees? Kmet Consulting, Your One Stop HR Shop is here to give you a few tips for containing the negativity so it doesn't spread in the workplace. For HR help you can count on, call Kmet Consulting. We specialize in providing HR assistance in Missouri, Iowa, and Nationwide.

Negative Employees: How to Keep the Negativity from Spreading in the Workplace

Take action ASAP.
It has come to your attention that a negative employee is disturbing other employees. Do not put this off and take action right away. Meet with the employee and discuss what is going on. Bring up specific examples of behaviors they are exhibiting and point out how it is affecting the team. They may not even realize what they are doing and a talk from you could point them in the right direction.

Lead by a good example.
Show your employees how you avoid letting the negativity get to you. Be strong and show how you turn negative situations into positive ones. Positivity in the workplace can trickle down, let it start with you.

Talk to the negative employee and see what is causing the negative behavior.
This employee could have something awful going on in their personal life that is causing this negative behavior. Allow them the chance to open up to you. You may the kind, listening ear they have been searching for and need. This could even go a long way in letting them work through their negativity and becoming positive again.

Don't forget to mention the positive things you like that employee in question is doing.
When meeting with the negative employee, don't forget to talk about the good things they are doing too. Remember, you want to try and change the situation, not make it worse.

Know when to stop and move on.
There is only so much you can do to try and improve the situation by talking to a negative employee. If the negativity gets to a certain point and the employee just won't stop, termination could be considered. You've worked hard to build your company up, don't let one "bad egg" ruin everything you've worked for.

Keep the Negativity Out and Recruit the Best with Kmet Consulting

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